Corey “Kushington” Allen is an American Entertainer, Rapper and Visual Artist. Born in Syracuse, New York, he was handed his first hiphop cd at the age of 8. DMX “And there was X” … After just one listen, Corey knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

That same year Corey met American Rapper/Producer Kristopher “Kid Seven” Heckman who was friends with his older brother Jason. Kristopher “Kid Seven” Heckman (who was just 15 years old at the time) and Corey (age 8) wrote Corey’s first rap song. Over time their paths would link again kick starting Corey “Kushington” Allen’s musical career.

After a horrible accident which left Corey with two broken legs and in a wheelchair for 6 months he began to soul search on where his life was heading. So he started traveling more to find out what his heart really desired out of life. All it took was one song to bring him back to that earlier childhood memory of writing and from then the journey began!

Corey hit the ground running and started a healthy/strict diet to get ready for his path as a performer. He has been an active participator in the art of body building and maintains fitness goals motivating others around him. When he isn’t working on music, he is at the gym or creating and designing “spray art” or clothes.

Recently, Corey “Kushington” Allen became one of the CEO’s at MMK Entertainment & Publishing. MMK is an American Independent Record Label & Publishing company exclusively distributed by Bungalo Records and Universal Music Group Distribution. Corey’s first project will be releasing the summer of 2016 under

MMK Entertainment & Publishing. Kushington’s work ethic and “Hood Hippie” mentality is what sets him apart from other people. His love for Festivals and Art combined with music can be heard in his powerful lyrics.

Corey believes, that good people working together with good intentions, creates a positive energy, that will naturally cause them to grow and achieve what ever goals it may be, that they want to achieve.